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Boys Name With O
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Name Meaning
Obalesh Lord Shiva
Oha Meditation, true knowledge
Ohas Praise
Ojas Lustre
Ojayit Courageous
Om The sacred syllable
Oma Life giver
Omanand Joy of om
Omar An era
Omarjeet Lord of OM
Omesh Lord of the Om
Omeshwar Lord of the Om
Omkarnath Lord of Omkaar, shiva
Omja Born of cosmic unity
Omkar The sound of the sacred syllable
Ompati Master of OM
Omprakash Light of God
Omrao King
Omswaroop Manifestation of divinity
Oppilan Peerless gem
Oni Shelter
Oppilmani Purest of gems
Oorjit Powerful
Orion Son of Fire
Ori Charitable king
Ottakoothan Poet

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