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"Narkol Nadu" (Bengali Recipe) - A sweet dish from coconut
--1 coconut
--raisins for decorate
--1/2 cup milk solids (khoya / mawa)
--1/4 cup condensed milk
--1/2 table spoon green cardamom powder
--3 table spoon milk powder
--1/2 cup sugar

Method for make narkol nadu:
--Grate coconut and grind without water.
--Knead khoya well.
--Make peas sized balls.
--Keep aside.
-Stir fry the ground coconut in a kadhai over high flame heat, mix in sugar and the condensed milk.
--Stir well.
--When the mixture dries a little, mix in the milk powder and green cardamom powder.
--Keep stirring continuously.
--When it starts to leave sides of the kadhai, take off from heat, let it cool a little.
--Divide into marble sized pieces, put one khoya ball in each.
--Roll in to smooth balls.
--Decorate each with a raisin.
--Ready to serve.
posted by NISHA DAS @ 7:52AM on date 04-06-2011
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