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Crispy Beguni (Bengali Recipe)
--1 Begun (Brinjal)
--1 cup Besan
--1/2 table spoon Turmeric powder
--1 table spoon Red chilly powder
--1/2 table spoon Kalonji seeds
--1/4 table spoon Baking powder
--4 table spoon Cooking oil
--Salt to taste

--Cut the begun in round shapes into 1/8 inch thick pieces.
--In a bowl, add the besan, turmeric powder, chilly powder, kalonji seeds, baking powder with ? cup of water and mix well into thick batter.
--Dip the begun pieces and coat well the batter.
--Heat oil in the kadai, deep fry the begun for 2-3 minutes until turns to soft and crispy.
--Serve hot.
posted by NISHA DAS @ 7:39AM on date 29-06-2011
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it is really crispy..
commented by streetboy @ 6:35PM on date 24-07-2011
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